Volunteer Work

Bracken's Kitchen volunteer work

Larry recently traveled to Bracken's Kitchen in the Los Angeles area to volunteer in their kitchen. He and his wife worked there for three days, chopping onions and other produce which became delicious meals to feed the hungry.

While there he was videotaped by the CEO Bill Bracken:

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Community Sharing

Larry currently volunteers with Community Sharing located in Cottage Grove:

For more than 35 years, Community Sharing Program has been extending a helping hand to people in need. Caring residents founded Community Sharing when a local lumber mill closed, forcing dozens of families into economic crisis.

Today, more than 5500 individuals rely on Community Sharing to help them meet their basic needs. Its food pantry, a member of the Oregon Food Bank system, provides eligible families with 3-5 days’ worth of food each month, including meat, produce, non-perishable items, breads, and dairy products (as available).

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D&D Automotive

Larry ran a successful automotive business, D&D Automotive, in Cottage Grove, Oregon, from 2006 until his retirement in 2016.



Larry started his career in the automotive industry in 1978 by detailing cars at dealerships. He then transitioned to work for a company changing oil and tires. Dedicated to the industry, he worked to achieve ASE Certified Mechanic status. After 24 years of working as an automotive tech, he decided to add to his skill set by going into automotive shop management.


He was a shop manager for 2 years in Eugene, Oregon until he lost his vision permanently in an accident. In spite of his tragedy he went on to receive his diploma from "Automotive Management Institute" (AMI).


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My Choice

"I just want to let people out there (that have a disability) know...they have a choice to make - to give up, or take the disability and continue on with their lives because they can. If I can work on cars, run my shop, drive cars... then there are things they can do as well, if they really choose to do it." - Larry Woody

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